Saturday, February 4th, 2006

Them Crazy Scots

We live on top of a bar so typically we get bar fights and cops showing up every weekend night and some weekdays. This was the worst we saw with about a dozen cop cars/vans and a few dozen cops! This is only a small snap-shot of this night and you can count 16 cops here!

These people are crazy!

In about one hour tonight I think I may have seen more real-life violence and drunken debauchery than my whole life in Canada. Every evening and night you can see drunk people wandering around on the streets, but its only on Friday and Saturday nights that everybody is drunk. Well, I do believe I saw one girl that looked about as dead sober as I was walking around out there -- out of perhaps a hundred to 150.

Just below our flat before I left there was quite an intense brawl. There were several clusters of young men and women fighting each other, all the while screaming and swearing at each other in Glaswegian. Didn’t understand most of it. One guy missed another’s face only to smash it against a parked car with a really nasty cracking sound. They had spilled off the sidewalk and were literally fighting in the streets for awhile, cars stopping and going around, others barely missing them. A couple police cars arrived and everyone suddenly stopped and started walking in all directions.

Walking down the street there was more of the same, although not so violent, along with the much nicer happy drunks, couples, and the occasional one that can’t walk in a straight line at all, greeting the ground every few paces.

When I got to the end of Byres Road where our movie rental place is, I dropped off The Aviator (decent watch because it’s based on a true story, but bloody long) and walked back along the twisting side roads. It took twice as long but it was a much more pleasant walk.



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