Saturday, July 29th, 2006

First Placement, Isle of Mull, and Visitors

Lochan a'Ghurrabain 2

It’s been a long time since we’ve written....we’ve been keeping busy with school, work, and travelling.


I had my first physiotherapy placement for 4 weeks in June/July in an outpatient department. Was super nervous going into it as I had heard that it was one of the hardest placements to do and I didn’t feel ready to go out and start treating patients after only 6 months of school. I have to say though, I was very pleasantly surprised with how it went. My supervisor was incredibly nice and supportive and very laid-back which helped calm my nerves. All the theory we had been learning in classes started coming together with the practical stuff, I found that I knew more than I thought I did and was able to come up with ideas of how to treat patients. First day I was thrown in with my own patient on my own, that was terrifying! But I found I was a lot more controlled than I thought I would be. Got through the assessment on my own, not as smoothly as I would have liked, but it was my first one. My assessments got better very quickly after that. I know I had trouble diagnosing what was wrong with patients, but that was due to lack of experience as I am still picking up typical patterns to look for and things to look for when certain structures are at fault. But by the end of it I had made a few correct diagnosis that were confirmed by my supervisor, some frozen shoulders, tennis elbow, nerve problems, trapezius tightness….  Felt good to be able to do that! :)  I was able to understand the Scottish accents too, something I was worried about since they can get very thick around Glasgow. Only a couple times did I not understand what the patient was saying and that’s cause they were using slang. Got excellent feedback from my supervisor, he was impressed, said that I did a great job for a first placement and that my theoretical knowledge was good. I was very happy! Felt weird leaving placement, 4 weeks flies by and is a little short I think to be able to see patients progress through their rehabilitation.  But it was a great experience and I’m glad I got the placement I did. Looking forward to next year now, this will be all placements! But they will be in other physiotherapy fields…hope I enjoy them as much as this one.


My good friend Alex came to visit us the weekend I finished placement as she had spent the summer out in Europe. Was so nice to see her and to be able to relax finally and just enjoy Glasgow. Took her out to see some highland cattle which we all loved. It was such a nice day and everything here has gotten so lush and pretty now that its summer. All the coos were hiding in the shade from the sun so we were able to get nice and close to them. We were able to pet them and Tony even fed them some grass. Saw the babies growing up too.


Our friend Kyla came out shortly after for almost two weeks. Went to the Isle of Mull for 4 days, which is about 3 hours north west of Glasgow. It rained on us the entire time and all our plans fell through completely, but we had a great time regardless. I don’t think we’ve seen so much rain since we got here. It was unbelievable. Stayed in the town of Tobermory which is on the north end of the island on the water and has cute colourful buildings. Once we got there we basically couldn’t leave the town cause we had gone on a weekend and apparently the local bus system doesn’t run on Sundays and on Saturdays has sporadic hours and limited options, meaning you can get to one end of the island but you can’t get back cause of time-tables. We just really enjoyed being out of a big city and having the chance to hike through the forests and around lakes.


Went on a walk up the hill behind the mountain/hill overlooking the bay we were staying on. Part way up there was a field full of ferns, they were giant! Some were as tall as me and at least all of them went up to Tony’s shoulders. They were huge! Just as we got up there it started pouring again and it turned very very grey. At that point we didn’t know whether to keep going or to turn around and walk the 30min back to the hostel. I think we must’ve stood there for 15 minutes just laughing cause we were getting wetter by the second and were all soaking wet. I don’t know why we found it so funny, probably had to be there… Ended up trying to walk a bit further, figured we were already wet, but then after getting wetter and feeling like our clothes were turning into spandex we turned around. Of course, the rain let up (only a bit) as soon as we got back to the hostel.


Went on one walk, started when the weather looked semi-nice but it was incredibly muddy. Kyla’s sandles ended up breaking towards the end of the walk and she had to walk back in her bare feet and to make it worse it started pouring so we were all very wet and muddy by the time we got back to the hostel, didn’t think they would let us back in :P haha  however, we weren’t nearly as wet as when we climbed up the mountain/hill cause we were covered by trees at least.


When the rain let up for a bit we went on another walk, back on top of the mountain/hill cause we wanted to explore the ferns. Fun walking through them, cause they were relatively dry now. Followed a path through the ferns and ended up at a golf-course, who would have thought. Decided to climb over the barb-wire fence (it was short and there was a little bench that was asking us to climb over) and explore the golf course. My trousers/pants (feels weird calling them pants now after so many months of being around people who call them trousers, but trousers still sounds weird too) caught on the fence and ripped, thank goodness it didn’t get my skin though. My poor trousers, I liked that pair! :P  Wandered around the golf course after and got some beautiful views of the water and island. Saw some bunnies too.


The day we were leaving, the weather actually nice in the morning. Caught the early bus to Calgary beach, which is what Calgary, Alberta is named after. During the war many people moved from Calgary on Mull to Calgary in Canada. Doesn’t look anything like our Calgary :P hehe The beach was nice, white sand. Saw some highland cattle in the mountains and went on a walk along the coast. Very nice end to the trip. 


Hope everyone is well!



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