Saturday, May 6th, 2006

England Spring 2006

Church of Grandparents Bell

Just got back from a wonderful trip to England! It was very relaxing and it was nice to see many friends/family who we hadn’t seen in years!


Flew into London the first day and met up with some friends of mine from Glasgow and my cousin Carla who I hadn’t seen in about 8 years. Spent a great day roaming around the Portobello Market, a big market that sells all sorts of things from jewellery, antiques, food, clothes from different countries…etc…  After that Carla took us to St. James Park where we very much enjoyed looking at the different ducks and birds and just wandering around the greenery. On our search for food she took us on a wonderful route and we saw all the main touristy attractions of London such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, River Thames, and the London Eye.


That night we headed to Tisbury after much difficulty dealing with the London Tube system (which is already usually crowded) and trains out of London, being the long weekend I guess they had decided that it was the perfect time to start doing work on the rails…. so we had to take a long indirect route to the train station and then another indirect route to Tisbury. Finally got to Tisbury at 12:30am and called Tony’s cousin who very graciously came to pick us up from the train station. Thanks again Josie and Duncan! The next day they took us sightseeing around Tisbury/Fonthill Gifford area. We saw Stonehenge which surprisingly was more impressive than we had expected and then walked around Avebury which is another ruin similar to Stonehenge. Avebury was nice as it was larger and you could walk around wherever you wanted. There were many sheep and little lambs in that area, the lambs were so cute! We then tried looking for different areas in Fonthill Gifford that Tony remembered as a child, he was last there visiting 17 years ago so this trip brought back many memories for him. Walked up the road where his grandfather used to live and found the split tree and the swimming area where they used to play as kids. The swimming area was right by the lake where they filmed the movie Chocolate.


The next day we headed to Bath to meet up with a good friend of mine, Elaine, from Queen’s University. We walked around the city which is very pretty and is known for its Roman Baths. Later we headed to Bristol, where Elaine lives, and walked around the city and then got spoiled rotten by her boyfriend Paul who cooked us a very nice meal. After missing the monkeys in Gibraltar a few weeks ago I have been having a monkey-craving so we decided to go to the Bristol zoo… spent hours in there.  Neither one of us are huge fans of zoos as the cages are usually way too small for the animals and they would probably be a lot happier in the wild. However, this zoo was very nice, more like gardens than a zoo and the animals were kept in habitats that were pretty decent as far as zoos go. For example, the monkey habitat was basically in the middle of a pond that had many islands that were interconnected by trees or tree-forts… and the monkey’s were free to go wherever they wanted. This was completely open too so really if the monkey’s wanted to, they could get off the islands and go where they pleased. They were super cute though! I think the highlight of that day was watching the 1year old baby gorilla play and interact with his mom and the other gorillas. He was so cute! He even did a handstand for me! He went up against a wall and walked his feet up till he was upside down, which is what we teach the kids at my gym when they are 18 months to 2 years old. Ahh, I miss gymnastics. I wanted to take him home with me!


Went back to Fonthill Gifford and spent another day there visiting with Tony’s family. Got to meet quite a few of his cousin’s and aunts/uncles which was nice. We are really looking forward to going back this summer hopefully! Everyone was very friendly and the landscape was gorgeous. It’s in the country so there are many fields and because it was spring there were many baby animals about.


Hope everyone is doing well!



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