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Rainbow Lake (41 Photos)

Classic Poses!
Album posted Sunday, September 28th, 2008 by Tony & Veronica
Sean, Kaye, Lindsey, Veronica and Tony stay the night at Whistler and hike to Rainbow Lake on a clear autumn day. The trailhead is accessed from Whistler not too far from Rainbow Park.

Garibaldi Lake (25 Photos)

Sunset under Garibaldi Lake Bridge
Album posted Saturday, September 20th, 2008 by Tony & Veronica
Tony, Sean, Holly, and Kaye met up with Sarah and Brian at the parking lot and headed up to Gambier Lake, meeting Veronica, Eric, Lucas, Martina and Kelly the next day. Unfortunately it was quite wet day two, and upon starting a hike to the base of Black Tusk, Tony's boot fell apart - the sole came off! So Veronica and Tony wandered around Taylor Meadows in the rain instead before heading back down.

Elfin Lakes (23 Photos)

The Elfin Lakes
Album posted Saturday, July 26th, 2008 by Tony & Veronica
Neville, Veronica and Tony along the trail to Elfin Lakes. It started off cloudy, and we almost turned back after the weather took a turn for the worse with wind and rain, but we kept going and it cleared up a bit when we reached the Lakes. This is a pleasant, relatively easy hike with a lot of near-flat walking along the side of a cliff with valley views ending at Elfin lakes, two small crystal clear lakes with a ranger station and hiking cabin.

High Falls Creek and Alice Lake (33 Photos)

High Falls Creek Hikers
Album posted Monday, June 30th, 2008 by Tony & Veronica
Ashley, Joel, Holly, Sean, Yvette Veronica and Tony head up to High Falls Creek Trail, an uphill slog past some views of waterfalls and river that has carved itself deep in the mountainside. Also included are photos of Alice Lake where Tony and Veronica went while waiting for Sean's group to arrive.

The Chief 2008 (20 Photos)

Chief Hikers
Album posted Saturday, June 21st, 2008 by Tony
Hiking up Stawamus Chief in Squamish with Sean, Bryanna, Tony, Lucas and Elana.

Pitt Addington Marsh (13 Photos)

Katsi Marsh and Blackberries
Album posted Tuesday, April 8th, 2008 by Tony & Veronica
Tony and Veronica at the Pitt-Addington Marsh, also known as the Katsi Marsh to the local indian band. The Pitt-Addington Marsh is 2882 hectares and lies along a major migration route of the Pacific Flyway. It is among the largest waterfowl reserves in Canada; The unique mix of marsh, raised bog, bog forest, intertidal mudflats and upland forests attracts a wide range of bird species. - (BC Gov't Site)

Grouse Mountain Snowshoeing May 2008 (8 Photos)

Santa Tony after sliding down a hill
Album posted Sunday, March 2nd, 2008 by Tony & Veronica
Veronica and Tony snowshoeing around Grouse Mountain.

Joffre Lakes Sept 2007 (34 Photos)

Mountain View
Album posted Thursday, October 4th, 2007 by Tony & Veronica
Joffre Lakes is a beautiful hike north of Pemberton which passes three beautiful turquoise colored glacier-fed lakes. Tony and Veronica hiked from the first lake all the way up to the glaciers.... or almost to the glaciers... we were forced to turn around when the trail we were following turned into a very narrow ridge with slippery scree on either side.

The Grouse Grind July 2007 (9 Photos)

Grinder and Coola, Grizzly Orphans Playing
Album posted Sunday, July 29th, 2007 by Tony & Veronica
Ah the grind. Nature's stair-master. Sort of. More like a man-made staircase up a mountain i suppose. Veronica got some terrific shots of the Grizzlies at the top!

Stein Valley 2000 (11 Photos)

Snowed out
Album posted Saturday, June 17th, 2000 by Tony
Sean, Neville, Veronica and Tony head up to the Stein Valley in the heat of the summer, only to get snowed in making the route too dangerous to continue.

Stein Valley 1999 (53 Photos)

The Cabin
Album posted Monday, August 16th, 1999 by Tony
Stein Valley trip in 1999 with Tony, Veronica, Krissy and Jocelyn meeting up with a second group -- Mike, Megan, and Neville -- at "The Cabin", a beautiful hiker's/skiier's cabin built in the area.
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