Sunshine Coast (39 Photos)

Anniversary cuddles
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The Sunshine Coast

Summer 2009 (102 Photos)

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Photos from Summer 2009

Vancouver, BC

Around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

Whistler, BC

In the Whistler area

Hornby Island, BC

The discovered undiscovered island. This beautiful island is located off the coast of mid Vancouver Island, at the level between Comox and Qualicum. It has amazing sealife, white sandy beaches, and beautiful scenery such as forests and bluffs. We visit the Daws' family summer cabin whenever we can manage some time off work.

Okanagan, BC

Going to the country, going to eat a lot of peaches...

Southern Islands, BC

This section includes trips to Bowen Island and Gambier Island.

BC Interior

This section mainly includes anything that is not the Island or on the coast. It mainly covers Hiking Trips and other trips we have done along the Sea to Sky, North of Whistler, and outside of Vancouver.
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Veronica commented on "Our Wedding - July 3, 2010": The ceremony was at Spanish Banks beach followed by the reception in V's parent's garden. We really couldn't have asked for a better day, it was absolutely perfect! The weather held out, the food was delicious, and the company even better. It was so nice to have our closest family and friends all together to help us celebrate! And thank you so much to all those who flew out, it meant the world to us!!! (let us know if you want any of these pictures) note: there are many more pictures up on our photographer's website (you can also order photos through her): www.magnoliaphotographic.com/clients - weddings, password = daws love, Anthony & Veronica
Tony commented on "The Beacon Hotel 2": A very good question. I have no idea... but i didn't like it. fortunately you can swivel it around to face away from you :)
Sean commented on "Wall ferns": good eye! :-)
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