Wednesday, January 30th, 2002

Marsabit, Kenya

Camping on a Volcanic Crater

I'm having such an amazing time! I knew this program was going to be really fun but I definitely wasn't prepared for anything like this!! I mean, we've camped inside 2 game reserves and are now camping in a volcanic crater!!! I can't believe its only been 2 weeks, it feels like so much longer cause our days are so long and so jam packed with stuff!!! But there are so many things left to see and do and they're all going to be so different!


We drove from Buffalo Springs to Marsabit along a very bumpy highway in 35 degree weather. It was a rough journey…after 3 truck breakdowns, squeezing trucks between trees, stalling, and getting people to walk behind the truck so they could get it up a hill we finally made it. We rounded a corner and saw the most beautiful lake, Paradise Lake! Now you have to understand that we've been camping in a desert for the past week at least so this is the most water I’ve seen in 2 weeks…so nice! There were literally 100s of birds in it!


Our camp is beautiful! Not as dangerous as the other (no scorpions or snakes, malaria risk is low, no acacia trees i.e. no thorns!) which is nice. The vegetation is really green and the lake is right below us. We're actually camping inside an old volcano crater! The lake was formed when the volcano blew many years ago so it is pretty much a perfect circle, it’s pretty neat! There are baboons, leopards, elephant, and buffalo in the area and we managed to spot an elephant and buffalo on the other side of the lake today. All day today we could hear baboon s barking and shrieking in the trees behind our tents… they were seen at one point too! There were also vultures right above us, really close, circling our camp… I really hope that doesn't mean anything .... :) hehehe It's actually a really nice temperature here! Only 26 degrees during the day which is a really nice refreshing change! I better not get used to it though cause on the 1st we're going back down in elevation into the desert where we're going to die from heat!



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