Friday, February 8th, 2002

Maralal, Kenya

Riding camels: We got on while they were sitting, when they stood up you felt like you were going to topple off of them cause it was so abrupt and slanted because first they got up with their rear legs then their front. The ride wasn't much more stable as you're sitting on their hump on a very thin matress that isn't really padded and moves each time the camel takes a step. Also there wasn't anywhere to put your feet like on a horse and at times my camel would kick it's foot up making it feel like it was going to trip! But it was still fun :)

5am wake up, 7am on the road leaving the desert and heading to Maralal. Eleven and a half hour bumpy drive through the mountains. One of the bumps launched us all to the front of the truck, landing on each other. One girls shoulder even went through the wooden board and cracked it! It was pretty weird watching everyone fly over to one side in slow motion as you were doing the same, it was almost like a mirror image ... luckily everyone was alright. driving in Vancouver or anywhere for that matter is going to be so tame and boring :P hehehe These trucks are amazing, they can go anywhere! They're old British army trucks from after World War II. The ride was really pretty going up and around all these mountains, it kinda reminded me of BC in a way. That said, we were all a little grumpy when we got off the bus thinking nothing could top our previous site until we saw the sign… COLD DRINKS. Ahhh!  Maralal has been ranked by many the best site so far due to the combination of cold drinks, chips, chocolate, a pool table, dartboard, flush toilets, mirrors, and music. Upon arriving we didn’t waste anytime heading out to the "Bar/Restaurant" … pretty fun although were all really tired after getting up at Sam and driving for almost 12 hours ... it was nice to have a drink after so long though :) Another bonus, Maralal is not nearly as hot as the desert, it was nice being able to sit in the shade and not feel like you were in an oven!


Maralal is the home of the 2001 International Camel Derby, which is think is pretty funny. So we took a study break to go for a camel ride! It was definitely an experience…kinda scary but a lot of fun!!! The camels sat while we climbed on, then stood up quite abruptly and lop-sided seeing as they stood up first with their hind legs then their front. I thought i was going to fall off! They're so tall! It wasn't the most comfortable thing to ride and made us walk a little funny after but it was fun… well worth the $10 and the pain!



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Veronica commented on "Our Wedding - July 3, 2010": The ceremony was at Spanish Banks beach followed by the reception in V's parent's garden. We really couldn't have asked for a better day, it was absolutely perfect! The weather held out, the food was delicious, and the company even better. It was so nice to have our closest family and friends all together to help us celebrate! And thank you so much to all those who flew out, it meant the world to us!!! (let us know if you want any of these pictures) note: there are many more pictures up on our photographer's website (you can also order photos through her): www.magnoliaphotographic.com/clients - weddings, password = daws love, Anthony & Veronica
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