Saturday, March 21st, 2009

Five years & Engaged! ; Cinco años y Comprometidos! – March 21, 2009

Just picked up the ring from the jewelers... Quick ring shot before V got back home and discovered Tony's plan!

It all started with a last minute trip to Varadero, Cuba to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. Neither one of us can believe it has been 5 years…time has flown by! But it’s been a great 5 years, full of good memories and adventures.

I had a feeling that something might be coming especially because it was our 5 year anniversary and it just seemed too perfect to pass up this opportunity… but I kept doubting my suspicions as Tony was very good at hiding his plan, and little things like him remaining very calm as they rifled through his carry-on luggage in much detail at the airport while I watched made me think maybe he had no ring with him… his sneakiness ended up catching me completely off guard!

A little background to the proposal… frequently when we go for walks Tony will point out things like plants or flowers or hand me things he finds interesting so that I can look at them. So he decided to use this theme, and I thought nothing out of the ordinary. We had decided to go snorkeling the morning of the 21st but we woke up to a very windy Varadero so the once calm crystal blue ocean had become very wavy & rough and snorkeling was out of the question unfortunately. We decided to go swimming anyways and because the waves were so big they were pushing us around a bit but it was fun trying to jump over them. Tony started handing me some pretty shells he was “finding” on the ocean floor, one by one (really he had collected them the day before during our walk down the beach and had them in his pocket)…. but I didn’t question how he was finding them in the wavy surf…

After a while he said “I found a real treasure… you have to take it but careful not to drop it!” He had this strange smile on his face so I thought he must be up to something and because of the way he was holding it with two hands closed around it to protect it from the strong waves, I didn’t want to take whatever it was that was in his hand, thinking maybe he had a crab or something and was trying to get a reaction out of me :P Eventually he held it out and asked me to marry him. He caught me completely by surprise, I was still thinking of the treasures/shells he was finding in the ocean that I thought he had somehow found someone else’s engagement ring hehe Then I realized that he was being serious, the smile was his excitement, and this was it! I of course said yes! :) He carefully handed it over and it made it safely onto my finger while the waves crashed around us. Perfect!

Tony chose a great date (March 21st, our anniversary, the Spring equinox, when then year starts in many traditions as light finally overcomes darkness…) and setting (surrounded by nature, in a very beautiful beach, in the ocean where all life started). Also, since his proposal was so adventurous due to the wavy ocean and that we were in Cuba that this must mean that there will be lots of travel, excitement, adventure, and unique experiences in our future together! We are both super excited and happy and wanted to share this with all of you :)

Lots of love,

V and Tony :)

Wave incoming Treasures! Veronica and Tony getting swallowed by a wave Veronica and Tony just engaged! Palm Leaf and Ring Varadero Beach


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