by Tony
Friday, November 28th, 2008

Attacked on Night Run

I was running along the neighbourhood streets around Marguerite and 37th Ave in Shaughnessy at around 1am.  It's a very poorly lit area at night, the lights few and far between and not the brightest.  The odd person here and there I'd notice every so often, but most of the time I was running alone, listening to an audio book (David Allen's Getting Things Done, an excellent life-management program), minding my own business when completely out of the blue something hits my head and quickly rips along the right half of my head from front to back...

I let out what i guess you'd call a startled roar, and turned around immediately...

nothing there. 

Dark, empty street.  I turn off David Allen. 


My skin was crawling, heart going a mile a minute, partially from running but getting clobbered by something that large but yet completely unseen played its part!  At first I thought perhaps it could have been a bat, but then it would have to be one freakishly enormous bat for around here.  A person?  Don't see anyone, but if they were just behind one of those bushes and swung out, then I wouldn't see them now.  But why do that and then hide?  That didn't make sense either.  I knew this would eat at me unless I figured it out.

So I made myself walk back, slowly preparing to fight my imagined attacker, and after awhile i noticed the silhouette of a fairly large... owl!? a few inches shy of two feet tall perhaps.  I've never even seen a damn owl in the city before.  I was still pretty freaked out so I let off some steam by really roaring at it.  It didn't like that so much apparently, and proceeded to swoop continuously at my head while I ducked and swung my fist blindly upwards at it... Left me alone when i'd made my way ducking and walking backwards/sideways a fair bit away from where it was originally. 

I'm thinking a nest in the area.  But as Veronica pointed out, it's the wrong time of year for that.  Young?  Or perhaps owls are just territorial?

For people who play World of Warcraft, WoW was somewhere in the back of my head during this... I just did all those howling fjord hunting raven quests in the game too.  Frost nova would have been so useful.


November 27th, 2008
Ooohhhhhh! What kind of owl do you think it was? Pretty lucky it didn't hurt you, cuz those things have nasty claws!
November 27th, 2008
I don't know my owls. I looked up a few types but honestly it was way too dark to figure out. I did notice the nasty claws, believe me! heheh :p but yeah im sure it could have done a lot more damage.
November 28th, 2008
Freakish Owl!!! It still scares me that you went back looking for your attacker! Please be careful!!! and maybe run a bit earlier instead of running down those dark creepy streets at night! Oh, and you need to have your mana fully charged next time! :)
November 28th, 2008
I rode around the area again yesterday night but couldn't find him. I was wearing a bike helmet and glasses, so i was picturing it futilely trying to attack me again hehe :)
November 28th, 2008
hahaha you had armor!!!! nice! :) wonder where he went and where he came from! what a weird owl! wonder what was going through his head
November 28th, 2008
Maybe "HOOOO... HOOOO...". Hmmm.
November 28th, 2008
December 4th, 2008
Oh my god!! Bahahahaha!! Thats the funniest thing ever! I can totally imagine you confused as hell and scared. With my imagination I would be crapping my pants. I think the funniest part is you swinging your dukes at the dumb thing. Stange it would come back for more though. Maybe he thought your beard was a nest?
December 4th, 2008
Oh man! My first thought was bat too hehe. I can't believe you were owl attacked!! Hmmm... you seem to have a way of angering the birds... remember the crane in comox?? LOL
December 5th, 2008
That crane had it coming! Birds are crazy. I like cats.
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